lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

@Ego: Expecting Change

2012 makes you think about change. I'm a changing person, I like change, I think it just...feels good.
My wish for this new year we've just started was CHANGE, literally. Just change in general, some good one. I think we kind of need that; everyone does.

I know I've posted like, nothing, lately. But I do intend to make this blog work, so I've created an easier and shorter name for it (the old name was far too complicated and long): Not The Kind. I've thought of the new name for a while and I just think this 'not the kind' thing is really going to work out, plus, it defines me in a way: I've always though I'm not the kind of girl people think I am and still not really sure wheather this is a good or bad thing, I just believe this will work.

Welcome, again, to Not The Kind.



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